Our Adult French Bulldogs

Meet Our Adult French Bulldogs

Our Sires

Meet Cowboy

Meet Clyde-

He just recently fathered our last litter of Frenchie puppies

Meet Loki- our handsome fawn sire  Updated picture of Loki taken March 2022


Meet Jessie, our newest stud.  Pics taken on June 19, 2023.  He was out having fun with Maggie, one of our english bulldogs

Our Dames

Well we have a new addition to the family meet Whiskey Misty.  She will be added to our breeding program when she reaches adulthood.

Updated picture of Misty taken March 2022.

Roo is from Serbia and is Lena’s playmate.

Updated picture of Roo taken March 2022

Meet Ivy


Meet Bonnie-Our beautiful little momma